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People and Portrait Retouching

A lot of my current work is working on people and portrait retouching in some context. Photographers, assistants and stylists work hard to craft a stylised image using an imaginative combination of lighting and composition and photographic retouching is an extension of that process.

Digital manipulation makes it possible to fine tune global and localised areas of colour, contrast and accentuate details as well as create a wide range of creative effects or to simulate photographic processes that would be implausable to do at the photographic stage.

In addition to enhancing and flattering natural details, you can also introduce more graphic or illustrative manipulations¬†to give the image a ‘hyperreal’. For example HDR toning¬†or overlaying a texture.

Finally, the image might be cut-out so that it can be supplied to a designer to place on a number of different backgrounds

Example of Before and After Portrait Retouching

I’ll be adding more before and after images shortly.

Take a look at my People Retouching Portfolio page for more examples, and please get in contact if you would like more information or have more specific requests.