Creative Photographic Retouching and Illustration

I use software like Adobe Illustrator and Cinema 4D to add an extra visual and illustrative edge to creative photographic briefs and projects. I also use traditional drawing and painting techniques to create cutom Photoshop brushes to imitate more traditional illustrative methods. You can see some examples in my portfolio either as non commercial and collaborative projects or where I have used illustrative techniques to supplement commercial photographic briefs.


I use a fully calibrated Macintosh system plus the Adobe Creative Cloud apps like Photoshop and Illustrator as well as other software like Cinema 4D to create creative and precision retouching work. If you have a creative retouching or illustrative project – then I am really interested in hearing from you.

Creative Retouching and Illustration Samples

Visit my portfolio for highlighted examples of Creative Retouching and Illustration.


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