I dont have a price list set in stone as such, I like to take into consideration who the client is and what the job is for, as editorial work has a much smaller budget allowance than a corporate job for an established commercial player. So if you want a quote for a project, I would advise you to get in contact with me and outline the details of your project.

Typically, I would need to see fairly high resolution previews of your photographic work, along with a marked up copy outlining what needs to be done, plus what the work is for and how it will be used (personal work/editorial/advertising), plus a general overview of what your budget range is and timescales.

As a ‘rule of thumb’ – these are an idea of what I might charge for a one off project arrangement, I would offer a discount to my regular clients

Photographic Retouching Projects

Commercial work: 40.00 per hour, this would cover anything used for advertising and PR

Private / Editorial Work: 20.00 per hour, this would cover any magazine work or private retouching work

Collaborative work: I am interested in hearing from photographers wanting to work on interesting projects that would be a useful addition to my portfolio.

Design Projects

Everything priced at approx £20-25.00 per hour, but I would usually quote you on a per project basis.