Fashion Retouching sample from Photo Retoucher John Deaville

Fashion Retouching Services

My early photographic retouching background was working heavily in fashion retouching and it is an area that I greatly enjoy, particularly combined with a bit of creative illustration. I have contributed towards many editorial stories printed in international magazines like Marie Claire, Vogue and others.

Fashion and Beauty retouching are similar in that the aim is to tidy and simplify, a typical fashion retouching assigment would possibly comprise of

As I generally work with photographers who have a fair idea of using Photoshop, I generally supply the work as a layered PSD file, organised in layer folders, so that the client may alter the opacity of certain effects to their preference as well as make any additional colour adjustments.

If you are interested in discussing your fashion retouching project then please contact me. I will probably need to see your images marked up in order to give you an accurate assessment and timeframe.

Please take a look in my fashion retouching portfolios for more examples of fashion retouching as well as before and after samples.