Creative Retouching sample from John Deaville at Photofixer Photographic Retouching

Creative Photographic Retouching and Illustration

Creative Retouching, the only rule is there are no rules …

There is no set pattern as there often is in other forms of retouching, generally I would liase closely with an agency or photographer who has an idea of the kind of effect they are looking for and I would help them make it happen. This really is one of the reasons I was interested in postproduction as it is the amalgamation of photography with graphics, typography and illustration that really can, if done correctly, give a real impact.

On a project like this, I would be looking at using Adobe Illustrator to create my graphics and logos, incorporate these to the image in Photoshop along with creating some custom brush shapes to paint over the image – as the sample above.

If you have a creative retouching or illustrative project – then I am really interested in hearing from you.

Meanwhile take a look at some other examples of creative retouching and illustration in my portfolio