Carlos Tevez, Photo Illustration photographed by Ranald Mackechnie

Carlos Tevez, Machester City, Photographed by Ranald Mackechnie, creative retouching by John Deaville

A non-commercial test done as a collaborative piece with London Advertising Photographer Ranald Mackechnie, who photographed Carlos Tevez as part of another commercial project undertaken for the Football Association. In this example, we used a collection of textures and organic watercolours, photographed and turned into photoshop brushes. You can see more examples like this in my Creative Retouching portfolio section.


Ranald Mackechnie:

My other blog:

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Wayne Rooney photographed by Ranald Mackechnie

Wayne Rooney Photographed by Ranald Mackechnie

Another example from the same series of images from Ranald’s portfolio. These images were manipulated to create a more illustrative effect almost like a worn poster effect.

Take a look at Ranald Mackechnie’s advertising photography portfolio at

Take a look at some more samples of advertising retouching on this site

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David Beckham photographed by Ranald Mackechnie

David Beckham photographed by Ranald Mackechnie

This was done as part of a refresh of Ranald’s current portfolio of work. Ranald Mackechnie is a London based advertising photographer who regularly photographs projects for the Football Association, on which I have also participated in. The treatment of this photograph came about from experimenting on another one of Ranald’s football shoots.

Take a look at Ranald’s site at

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Beauty Retouching for Alison Taylor Makeup Artist

an example of Beauty Retouching done for Alison Taylor Makeup

One of a series of images recently retouched for Alison’s portfolio.

Alison Taylor is a London based, freelance professional make up artist. with experience in Beauty, Fashion, Photographic and Film work.

Check out her portfolio at

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Web Design, Garry Errill Photographer web portfolio

Photographic Portfolio Design for Garry Errill Photography

My online portfolio for Garry uses a simple but aesthetic interface built in Flash and uses XML, so that Garry can easily modify the images and text content on the site. The website allows for scaling of images on large/small screens and can feature potentially unlimited portfolios and information sections.

Combined with this, I have also installed a simple WordPress blog so Garry can keep a record of his newest work.

Take a look at

I also have many other examples of webdesign for photographers and businesses at my other site

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Photofixer Retouching Website – updated !

I am pleased to announce that the new website is officially done(d). I have upgraded it to use a custom skinned WordPress CMS , and I aim to use this facility to maintain an archive of my retouching and design work.

Photofixer is the company name for John Deaville, a freelance photographic retoucher and designer based in London. It is one of 3 sites keeping a record of all of the design work that I (for it is me) do, the other 2 sites (which are next in list to be done) are :: a blog of my work, particularly focused on my own illustrative work as well as client based projects as well as comments on design news around the UK (thats the plan) :: my Graphic / Web design services, I do a lot of websites, particularly with photographers

I am always pleased to hear your feedback so feel free to drop me a line – why not follow me on facebook – or use the social network buttons to give me a thumbs up ?

regards – John

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