I am pleased to announce that the new website is officially done(d). I have upgraded it to use a custom skinned WordPress CMS , and I aim to use this facility to maintain an archive of my retouching and design work.

Photofixer is the company name for John Deaville, a freelance photographic retoucher and designer based in London. It is one of 3 sites keeping a record of all of the design work that I (for it is me) do, the other 2 sites (which are next in list to be done) are

http://www.johndeaville.co.uk :: a blog of my work, particularly focused on my own illustrative work as well as client based projects as well as comments on design news around the UK (thats the plan)

http://www.nxmd.co.uk :: my Graphic / Web design services, I do a lot of websites, particularly with photographers

I am always pleased to hear your feedback so feel free to drop me a line – why not follow me on facebook – or use the social network buttons to give me a thumbs up ?

regards – John

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